Quotable Quotes

Flight to Amsterdam from Newark:

Delta Pilot: I want to call your attention to the newly refurbished interior of the aircraft.

Mindy: From where?  An antique shop?


Scene: Laundry is hanging on the bed-curtain holders in Mindy and Bru’s room due to the wind which was blowing everything of the line outside.

Shira (to Mindy): Is there anywhere to bless challah?

Mindy:  to bless challah?

Shira: A white one?

Mindy: What?

Shira: A breast holder?

Mindy: What?

Beruria: Is there a white bra?


Scene: On in depth tour of CURE Children’s Hospital, in the Operating Building.

Nurse Jackie: You know you can’t go into the opearting room… in THOSE clothes.


Scene: Trying to explain to a group of taxi drivers while we are not willing to have them cram six people in four passenger seats.

Driver: When you’re in North Korea, you do as the Koreans do, so why can’t you do as the Ugandans do?

Us (in our heads): North Korea?!  What? 


On the drive to Nabugoye Hill:

JJ: Don’t worry, I’m a reckless driver.


Motto on a car insurance sticker:

“We don’t make drama out of a crisis”


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