here is a letter from rabbi enosh

This is a letter from Rabbi Enosh sent out to The Committee to Save Ugandan Jewry.  If you would like to learn more about any of these opportunities to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact us (or comment here).

Shalom friends,
I am pleased to inform you that monthly reports are to be sent
throughout the year. Through this you will know how we earn and spend.
First of all, we would like to give you a small hint about the
projects prevailing in our village.

1.      Chicken farm. This project was established with the purpose of
improving Putti community members’ diet as well as generating some
income. Its almost 1 ½ years since the community begun the business of
it organically produced chicken eggs. The project has played a lot
towards the diet of children in the community. Chickens are brought
when they are just one day old and lay eggs after a period of 18
weeks. The laying process goes until 4 months when the chickens start
getting expired. Old chicken are then sold off to bring in new ones.
The chicken farm brings in about $57 per month which is used on
continuing the project as well as solving community emergencies like
2.      Water project. A well that was sunk for our community serves beyond
800 members (both Jewish and non-Jewish) in Putti village. The purpose
of this well was to help the community attain clean drinking water.
This well would also serve agro project like if drip irrigation was to
be installed in the community or the heifer project. However, these
are long term plans which require a lot of money. Our community,
having realized that, it started the making of bricks which could be
used to construct permanent structures like a permanent Synagogue, the
Clinic, school etc. The water pump is run by solar energy supplying
the Yishub and the non Jewish community. A minimal fee was declared to
every home per month for the maintenance of the pump and protection of
the solar panels at night. There’s hope to grow vegetable for
commercial purpose if drip irrigation was caused.
3.      Crafts. The community knit kippot and challah covers which are sold
from USA. This project was initiated by the members of the community
in order to attain some money for children’s education. Each time the
kippah is sold, a Puttian primary child gets going back for school.
Could one purchase 100 kippot, ten secondary students would study for
one term. However, these chances only happen about two times in a year
yet the hope of the community lies here.

The Putti Jews support themselves through subsistence farming and
struggle against the elements to bring in the next harvest. Just two
years ago, there was a long drought which damaged a lot of crops hence
leading to less food production. Food shortage hit the whole village
until the Jewish community approached western aid through PVAO. The
funds sent curbed this emergency through buying food as well as
getting seeds for the next season. It’s this emergency fund which
contained that situation until now, that almost in each homestead,
there is enough food.

I would like to thank you all for your lovely donations in helping to
put the sickness problem down. Be that you purchased a CD or Kippah,
or just sent in checks, all were considered donations towards this
cause. Chazaakh U-ubarukh!

And I continue to request you help us to spread a word concerning
Music and Kippot from Putti Village. It’s your donations which have
made Putti Village to be what it is now.

As you can see in the attachments sent, we need take back our children
for school but we haven’t got any promise yet, and can’t tell how we
shall solve this problem. We have only $155 left on our account which
is less to do the work needed. The money required is beyond $8, 000.
As saying goes; “one by one makes a bundle.” Any small donations sent
in helps us move to another step.

Looking forward to seeing your rescue.

B’ahabat Yisrael,


One response to “here is a letter from rabbi enosh

  1. Hello
    I returned on Friday 13 Aug 2010, from visiting Enosh and his Orthodox Community. I spent 5 days with them and have set up Projects by which I hope, with G-d’s help, they may eventually become self-sufficient….
    I purchased, via a local doctor/hospital, mosquito nets for all the Community, as well as, sandals for all the children and teenagers who were, until last week having to walk barefoot.
    I bought books, pens, pencils etc for all the children to use at school and so it goes on….

    I would like to be in contact with anyone or organisation who is supporting the Putti Orthodox Community and look forward to hearing from you soon

    Many Thanks
    Ros Eisen


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